At Balanced Family Academy, we use our Full Circle curriculum as the foundation for our teaching.  Our curriculum is designed using learning themes that nurture each child’s curiosity.  As the themes change monthly, the emphasis on vocabulary, shapes, colors, numbers, and letters remains consistent from week to week. This gives children the confidence to explore new ideas by activating prior knowledge. Hands-on activities are designed to give children the opportunity to work with others, and allowing time for exploration on their own. 

children creating artwork

Learning to play, playing to learn

The positive interactions amongst the kids and teachers in the classroom provide the basis for learning experiences. With plenty of opportunity to play and collaborate with friends, learning is exciting and comes naturally.

hands on activities (child catching bubbles)

A separate space just for play

We are proud to offer separate spaces for play both indoors and out. Children have the opportunity to visit our multipurpose room and outdoor play area on a daily basis to support large muscle development. The activities in the multipurpose room are designed to provide children with positive physical learning experiences.

field trip visitors

Visitors make learning fun

We often invite guest presenters to come in and bring their own brand of adventure to the classroom. From music to gymnastics, or special reptile friends, the kids love these unique opportunities to explore and learn.

class field trip to nature preserve

Learning beyond the classroom

Our preschoolers and kindergartners are offered several opportunities to explore beyond our centers with trips to the farm, nature preserves, fire stations and more.

tracing activity for preschool classroom

Curriculum meets Ohio standards

We align our curriculum content to the Ohio Early Learning Standards. The five areas of learning we focus on are: Social Emotional Development, Approaches Towards Learning, Cognitive Development and General Knowledge, Language and Literacy Development, and Physical Well-being and Motor Development.

science activity with balloon

Preparing for Kindergarten

From sensory activities with shaving cream to a letter tracing activity on a dry erase board, children have the opportunity to explore within learning centers in their classroom. A huge initiative for us is Kindergarten readiness, and we work with local school districts to ensure children are successful learners while attending BFA and once they head to elementary school.