Health and fitness have always been a priority for the owners, Rebecca and Sarah. Once they started families, it became even more important. They wanted to maintain healthy lives and instill healthy habits in their children. But, working full-time jobs and raising children, they found themselves asking the same question that many parents face: How do I find enough time to fit in a workout?! That's where we come in with short, effective workouts right at the center.


Short, effective workouts

Our workouts are offered in the evenings while the childcare centers are still open, are only 30 minutes long, and pack a big punch for maximum impact.


Building Community

Our "BFA Fit Club" has extended into organized Turkey Trots, charity 5ks, the Mommy Mile and other fun fitness events that we can do as a BFA community.


Seriously Fun

We get a serious workout in, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are moms, dads and teachers who want to show our kids the importance of health and fitness by our own example.