Strength in Numbers

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As parents of young children, we all hear the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” At our schools, I feel that saying really hits home.  The community that has formed within our campus over the past 5 years made up of moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and children is truly remarkable. From the moment each family parks their car in the morning, to the time they load up in the evenings, every individual is quick to lend a hand whether it is to pop in and sing songs with the children at circle time or volunteer for a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  In May, we had a very special graduation of three Pre-K classes and one Kindergarten class.  It was our biggest group yet, but also the most sentimental as we had our first class of children graduate that had started at BFA as 3-month-old babies. It was at that moment that we really took the time to reflect on all the memories that had been made with these incredible families and how this “village” of people truly had such a positive impact on each child that has gone through our program.   

Next week, BFA will reach another big milestone as we will join forces with Little Dreamers Big Believers. In merging with these three schools, our family is growing and is stronger than ever!  Together we will have more teachers to create lessons that will show our children how to be kind, determined and venturous.  We will have more administrators to share best practices to support teachers, children and dual-working families.  And lastly, we will have more families to lend a helping hand and lift one another up, because let’s face it, parenting can be hard, and it really does take a village!  

Through this merge, there have been many questions. Parents asking, “what does this mean for our school?” Teachers asking, “what changes can I expect to see?”  Ultimately, the main goal is to be able to provide everyone with MORE.  More offerings for families, more resources for teachers, and more collaboration to create the best experience for all families at every location.  On that note, all weekend activities will be open to all families at all locations.  Whether it is family yoga at the UA location or Kid’s Night Out at the Grandview locations, everyone will have the opportunity to enroll. To see a full list of weekend events, please see the calendar on location page.  The fun never ends (for both kids and parents!!)

Now that we have a total of 8 schools in our family, I leave you with this:  We are stronger together knowing we are not on this journey alone. We are a community of families who want nothing but the best for our children, and those in class with our children that we grow so close to over the years.  We are all one big family and we are committed to helping each other grow and succeed.  We are also committed to having fun along the way – because that is important too!     



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