Springtime Family Fun

Many of us Ohioans have been pacing back and forth in anticipation of its arrival, not knowing how much longer we can open our weather apps to find the temperature hasn’t risen above 30 degrees yet…thankfully, Spring is finally here! Warmer weather and the chance to have a variety of outdoor fun is just around the corner. Although Springtime usually means the temperature is crawling back up to a comfortable number, it also could bring with it many rainy days. After being cooped up indoors for what may have seemed like an eternity to parents of young children, how can we enjoy a few more weeks while we await the sunshine? - Fun indoor activities that switch up the routine and get your children moving and thinking! Below are just a few ideas that can be fun for the whole family!

Indoor Obstacle Course –


         This one may take some extra leg work, but have an older child jump in to help! They can rearrange items or furniture in your house, use their imagination to make the obstacle course their own, and burn off extra energy! Use the couch or a towel on the floor as a safe spot from “lava," push cushions together into a tee-pee to crawl underneath, or place a stool in the living room to hop on! If furniture options or space is limited, use painters’ tape to write words, draw arrows and boxes, or mark off areas and specify as “off-limits” or “special zones” such as a jumping-jack zone! The whole family can participate at once or in teams, children LOVE when they see their parents jumping in on the fun!

Scavenger Hunt –


         This activity can be modified to be developmentally exciting and appropriate for younger or older children. Younger children can work on learning their colors or letters with a scavenger hunt based on finding objects around the house that are a specific color; adding extra senses can make the scavenger hunt more exciting for kids such as “find something bumpy, noisy, cold, or sour!” Older children who are in the early stages of reading can be given a more difficult version with clues such as “just before bedtime, everyone uses these in the bathroom (toothbrush)” A scavenger hunt is also a great option for Spring days to get outside and enjoy the sunshine by creating a nature version! Pinterest can be your best friend if you are stuck on trying to find ideas to add to your family scavenger hunt!

Baking –


         For an extra rainy day when the family needs to wind down, bring everyone into the kitchen to help bake a special treat! Let your children get messy, learn how to measure out ingredients, set the timer, watch in the oven as it bakes, and help clean up when everything is finished! For a little baking inspiration, Chef Erica from Whisk Prep Kitchen has let us in on her secret homemade pizza recipe. This recipe is fun but also manageable, and you can make it as simple or as complicated as you would like! Click the button below to view the recipe for pizza crust, and what to do with it once your crust is made!

These are only a few ideas and your child’s imagination can certainly help to make a rainy day more exciting! When you are ready to pack up and go on an adventure, make sure to check out our “Weekend Adventure Spotlight” for information on places to visit around Columbus!